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Who is this for?

Just curious

I’m not sure about kids just yet, but I want to know more about my reproductive health.

Trying to conceive

I am ready to start building my family and would like personalized information to guide me.

Planning for the future

I want kids someday and would like more information to help me plan for the future.

How does this work?

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Order your test online and have it sent directly to you.

Collect blood sample

With the simple prick of your finger, collect a small sample of blood⁠. ⁠  

Post to lab

Using the prepaid label, send your sample to our accredited laboratory partner for analysis⁠.

Get personalized

Receive your doctor-reviewed results in a personalized, informative report⁠. ⁠

Discuss your results

Schedule a call with a midwife to gain a deeper understanding of your results and next steps.

What people are saying

“Learning about my fertility hormones provided me with a better understanding of where I stand and gave me the confidence to plan my future. ”