Better fertility journeys for women,
by women.

When it comes to their fertility health, women have a hard time finding personalized information about their own bodies.
At Odyssey Fertility, we want to change that. 

Our mission:

We aim to create better fertility journeys for all women. But, what does that mean? 

Know now, decide later

Fertility is complex. And so is getting access to reliable information about it. We believe that getting in-depth, clinical knowledge about your fertility health now is the best way for you to decide what your next best steps are – whether you want kids, or not. Knowledge is power.

Open the fertility conversation

Fertility is (still) taboo. And we believe that it shouldn't be. We want Odyssey Fertility to be a place where you get to talk about your fears, doubts, joys and successes without feeling judged or patronized. A place where all your questions are met with reliable, personalized and caring answers.

Your journey, your choice

Fertility is unique. Every woman goes through her own journey. We believe that this journey should start when you want to, because you want to. And we are here to provide guidance, education and information so that you feel confident in making your own decisions for the future.

Our values

We help you take control of your fertility journey whenever, wherever and for whatever reason.
We want to provide easy access to reliable, scientific, personalized information, to you and to each and every woman. 
We are all real humans here. We want you to feel free to reach out to us whenever you want. As we said: we're here for you.

our values

Just curious

I’m not sure about kids just yet, but I want to know more about my reproductive health.

Trying to conceive

I am ready to start building my family and would like personalized information to guide me.

Planning for the future

I want kids someday and would like more information to help me plan for the future.

Deep insights into your fertility health

Our at-home hormone testing kits provide you with personalized information about your fertility health. From the comfort of your own home, you get deep insights about your own body, learn about your options, and take control of your reproductive future. Just because.

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Who is behind
the project?

Jenifer King


Educator, biologist, former fertility patient

Even with my background in science and education, I had this belief that fertility treatments could overcome most reproductive problems – including age.

But when navigating through my own fertility journey, I became aware that even science has its own limits. And I realized that we as a society need a better understanding of fertility-impacting factors and the boundaries of medicine.

This is why Odyssey Fertility was born: to help women access fertility information earlier in life, to help them understand their own bodies, and to give them some control in their fertility journey.

Hanne T'Kindt


User experience expert, entrepreneurial spirit

When I met Jenifer, I immediately felt a connection – to her, but also to Odyssey Fertility, its vision and its values.

Out of curiosity (and interest), I decided to take the hormone test. I learned that my AMH levels were low for my age; and that's when it clicked for me. I thought, "this is incredibly valuable information, and we need to make it available to other women".

Our goal with Odyssey is to create better fertility experiences, to empower women. We want them to hold all the cards to make the best decisions for themselves and their future.

Scientific board

Dr. Milie Nwoye

Medical advisor

An American and Belgian board-certified gynecologist and self-proclaimed hormone fanatic, Dr. Nwoye is a firm believer in the power of education.  She delights in helping her patients unravel the complexities of their body, particularly with their hormones. 

“Knowledge plus a plan equals power.”

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