Which hormones do we test?


Hormone screening is used to help you understand your ovarian reserve, the functioning of your menstrual cycle and your thyroid health. By comparing your results with standard reference ranges, it helps detect potential fertility warning signs, such as early menopause or PCOS.

If you are not on hormonal birth control, we will test for AMH, PRL, TSH, FSH, LH and E2. If you are, we can only test for AMH, PRL and TSH. Either way, you will have enough personalized info to plan for your reproductive future with peace of mind. 

How does this work?

Order test

Place your order online and receive your hormone testing kit at home within a few days.

Collect blood sample

Use your kit to collect a small sample of blood with a simple prick of your finger. It doesn't hurt, we promise.

Send to lab

Post your sample to our accredited laboratory partner for analysis, using the prepaid label that you'll find in your kit.

Get your personalized

Receive your clinician-reviewed results in a personalized, informative report⁠ on your private dashboard.

Discuss your results

Schedule a call with one of our caring fertility consultants to gain a deeper understanding of your results and next steps.

What will Odyssey Fertility help you with?

There is no crystal ball that can predict your reproductive future, that’s true. But your fertility journey with us is also one of self-discovery.
You will learn all about your hormonal health and how it can impact your fertility, but also your mental and physical health.
You will discover your options for your reproductive future: whether or not you might need to think about egg freezing, IVF, etc.
You will have scientific, medically-reviewed information to use if you ever need to address some concerns with your general physician.
You will have a friendly, but also reliable and trustworthy ear for all your questions, doubts and fears, this will always have your best interests at heart. 
You will be one big step further in your personal fertility journey, empowered by knowledge. 

What will your test tell you?

If you have a normal amount of eggs for your age
If you are at risk for going into menopause early
If you are at risk of PCOS
If your thyroid is functioning properly
If you menstrual cycle hormones are in balance

What won't your test tell you?

If you are fertile
Your chance of having a baby
How long it will take you to get pregnant
If your eggs are of good quality

Frequently asked questions

What can the test tell me?

The fertility hormone test acts as a screening tool to signal potential red flags that could affect one’s fertility. More specifically, the test can tell you if you have the normal amount of eggs for a woman of your age, and if you might enter menopause at an early age. It can alert to imbalances in your menstrual cycle hormones and provide some insight into your thyroid health. Finally, it could flag the potential for disorders such as PCOS and endometriosis.

Can the test diagnose any disorders?

The test is not designed to diagnose a fertility disorder. Fertility is complex, and no hormone test can singularly diagnose a disorder, there are often multiple criteria that must be fulfilled to achieve a diagnosis. Furthermore, this test cannot tell you whether or not you are fertile, nor your chances of conceiving a baby.

Is this test right for me?

Do you want to know more information about your body? If so then yes, this test is for you! Whether you want kids someday or not, the information you will gain will help you understand more about your reproductive health, menstrual cycle and thyroid health. After all, knowledge is power!

Can I just go to my doctor for this test?

Hormone screening such as our fertility test is traditionally only performed when either there are symptoms present (such as an irregular menstrual cycle) or if a couple has been trying to conceive for over 1 year without a positive test (6 months for couples over 35).

How much does this test cost?

The price of our hormones testing kit is 249€. This includes the cost of the hormone analysis, access to your personalized results, a call with one of our fertility consultants, shipping to you and to the laboratory and VAT. Plus, we are saving you the time and headache of making doctor appointments and having your blood drawn at a clinic.

How long does it take to get my test in the post?

Normally, you should receive your kit in the post within 3 to 5 working days. Don’t worry, the kit is shipped in a discrete, unlabeled box so you can keep the details of your fertility journey to yourself if you want.

I am on hormonal contraception, can I still take the test?

Yes, you can test on hormonal contraception. However because your birth control regulates the hormones of your menstrual cycle, we won’t test FSH, LH or E2. But rest assured, you will still have enough personalized info to plan for your reproductive future with peace of mind!

Do I have to complete the health intake?

Yes! The health take is important for several reasons. First, it ensures that we order the correct hormone panel based on your personal profile. Second, it will allow our fertility consultant to have some background information about your health and therefore be better prepared to discuss your results and the next steps in your journey.

What day should I collect my sample?

For women that are not on birth control, who will have the full 6 hormone panel tested, they will test on Day 3 of their cycle. Day 3 testing is the standard protocol for fertility workups as it assesses menstrual hormones early in the cycle when they are at their lowest. For those that are on hormonal birth control, they will only have 3 hormones tested, which are all stable throughout the length of the menstrual cycle, therefore they can test on any day of their cycle.

How to determine day 3?

Your Day 1 is the first day of your period in which you experience full flow before 5pm. If you are just spotting throughout the day, then your Day 1 would start the next day. If you are unsure about which day to collect, know that a collection on Day 2, 3 or 4 would be considered ok, as long as you are still bleeding when you collect your sample. Do you have short periods? Then earlier is better and we advise a Day 2 collection.

Should I be fasting when I collect my sample?

While it is best to be fasting for this test, it is not required. You should, however, take your test first thing in the morning and avoid eating a large meal before testing as this could impact your prolactin levels.

Struggling to collect your sample?

If you have used all 3 lancets but still have not managed to reach the line on the tube, please contact us at support@odysseyfertility.com or drop us a DM on Instagram. We will work with you to find a solution.

How long do I have to post my sample?

You should post your sample on the same day of collection. If this is not possible due to the weekend or a holiday, the next working day is suitable. Our collection tubes contain an additive so that your sample will be stable for 5 days.

When will I get my results?

Your results should arrive in your personal dashboard within 5 working days. We will send you an email to let you know when they are ready to be viewed!

How accurate are the results?

We have partnered with an ISO 15189 and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Belgium to perform the analyses of the blood samples. They take quality, reliability and privacy very seriously and we are confident in their high standard of work. It is important to note that laboratory results may vary from laboratory to laboratory (for example AMH protocols can yield slightly different results). Therefore if you repeat this test with your doctor you might have slightly different results but they should not be drastically different.

What are the qualifications of your fertility consultants?

Our practitioners hold medical certificates for their particular discipline (midwife, nurse, etc) and will have received specific briefings and literature reviews to help guide them in their consultations.

Refunds and cancellation

Did you change your mind? Maybe your personal situation has changed? As a customer, you have 14 days to change your mind. Please contact us at support@odysseyfertility and we can discuss how to proceed with your request. For more information about your rights to a refund, please refer to our Terms of Service.

How often should I test?

It is best to track your hormones over time, in particular with AMH so we suggest you check in yearly! The quantity of a woman’s eggs (and her subsequent AMH value) declines with age, but it happens at different rates for different women. Therefore tracking your own AMH values over time can provide some indication of your own personal rate of decline.

In which countries is the test available?

Currently, our fertility hormone test is available in Belgium and The Netherlands. If you would like us to add another country to this list, please let us know via the contact form.

Why don’t you offer male hormone testing?

While testing a man’s hormones could prove interesting, in the context of fertility, it is much more relevant to do a semen analysis. Currently, semen analyses are only performed at qualified laboratories and through fertility clinics, but we hope in the future that we can provide easier access for men to understand their sperm parameters, and therefore their “fertility” status. Is this of interest to you? Let us know!