Which hormones do we test?


Hormone screening is used to help you understand your ovarian reserve, the functioning of your menstrual cycle and your thyroid health. By comparing your results with standard reference ranges, it helps detect potential fertility warning signs, such as early menopause or PCOS.

If you are not on hormonal birth control, we will test for AMH, PRL, TSH, FSH, LH and E2. If you are, we can only test for AMH, PRL and TSH. Either way, you will have enough personalized info to plan for your reproductive future with peace of mind. 

How does this work?

Order test

Place your order online and receive your hormone testing kit at home within a few days.

Collect blood sample

Use your kit to collect a small sample of blood with a simple prick of your finger. It doesn't hurt, we promise.

Send to lab

Post your sample to our accredited laboratory partner for analysis, using the prepaid label that you'll find in your kit.

Get your personalized

Receive your clinician-reviewed results in a personalized, informative report⁠ on your private dashboard.

Discuss your results

Schedule a call with one of our caring fertility consultants to gain a deeper understanding of your results and next steps.

What will Odyssey Fertility help you with?

There is no crystal ball that can predict your reproductive future, that’s true. But your fertility journey with us is also one of self-discovery.
You will learn all about your hormonal health and how it can impact your fertility, but also your mental and physical health.
You will discover your options for your reproductive future: whether or not you might need to think about egg freezing, IVF, etc.
You will have scientific, medically-reviewed information to use if you ever need to address some concerns with your general physician.
You will have a friendly, but also reliable and trustworthy ear for all your questions, doubts and fears, this will always have your best interests at heart. 
You will be one big step further in your personal fertility journey, empowered by knowledge. 

What will your test tell you?

If you have a normal amount of eggs for your age
If you are at risk for going into menopause early
If you are at risk of PCOS
If your thyroid is functioning properly
If you menstrual cycle hormones are in balance

What won't your test tell you?

If you are fertile
Your chance of having a baby
How long it will take you to get pregnant
If your eggs are of good quality